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Clean Hits™️ Merch

We know you’ve wanted cleaning supplies that have been rigorously tested and continually used by an actual licensed cannabis cleaning service that you can trust! After years of research, implementation, practice and positive reviews, we are now offering our flagship line of cleaning products to fit all of your needs. From standard solvents like our 99% iso-Clean (isopropyl alcohol) to our revolutionary Clean Hits® Cleaner powder, we aim to help you perfect your bong, dab rig, pipe, bubbler and even electronic devices! And we are just getting started.


Did we mention that we have a heavy focus on environmentally friendly options? Clean Hits® is committed to reducing landfill waste as well as protecting our water supply from hazardous chemicals! Our packaging and products will continue to evolve in order to maintain an earth-friendly based level of integrity. Who else do you know that’s trying to make a positive difference and disrupt this industry?

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